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    I have lost people and found them again

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    DIY French Braid Tie

  5. get to know me meme: [14/15] pairings » wade kinsella & zoe hart

    But the thing that I realized was, it turns out that, I like you, Wade Kinsella. I really like you. And, who knows, maybe there’s a chance you and I could be happy together. But we’ll never know unless we try.

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    Resting in safe hands [700 x 1050] [Crosspost from /r/Images]

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    DIY | Sexy Side Brai

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    Neymar after the hospital yesterday

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    They’re married!

  11. (sea)Horse and a cherry tree (blossom) 🌸🌊. #sundaytour #sundayselfie #necklace #gold #blingbling #flowerpower #fashionoftheday #handmade

  12. I hate Mondays #monday #gilmourgirls #filosofiadatelefilm #lunedi #appenasuperatoegiatornato

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  14. Vi chiedo un piccolo favore mondo nerazzurro: un mi piace alla foto che trovate nel link di FB per vincere questo concorso sull’Inter!


    Ecco di nuovo il link:

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    'that piece you can find, that part is the whole, it never lets go'

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